Welcome to I'll Pay

It’s here! You’ve waited patiently and I’ll Pay is ready for your online shopping needs. We’ve made it as easy as possible to get a great bargain, on any product at any online store! So far we’ve helped get anywhere up to 25% discounts on purchases of electronics and white good items.


While we can’t promise your offer will be be accepted every time, we think it never hurts to ask! We’ve found that more than 60% of the time, retailers are open to entertaining negotiated deals. The I’ll Pay process has been described as business alchemy (we love it!) , but we ask that you’re patient and understanding in these early days as we iron out any hiccups in the process.


After you’ve signed it’s vital that you download the chrome browser extension here. It takes seconds and you’re ready to go. When you find an item to make an offer on, click the “I’ll Pay” Button (that should be off to the top right side of your screen). Once the offer is sent, you can just kick back and wait for our response, which is generally within 24 hours or less.